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Aircraft Delivery

Each aircraft delivered is a testament to our dedication to safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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Executive Jets

Executive jets represent the pinnacle of luxury aviation. Our deliveries in this category ensure that each aircraft arrives ready to provide exceptional flying experiences.

Commercial Aircraft

We deliver commercial aircraft with utmost attention to operational details, ensuring that each plane is ready to fulfill its routes efficiently.

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Turboélices combinam desempenho robusto com versatilidade. Nossas entregas nesta categoria são conduzidas com um profundo conhecimento técnico e operacional.


Helicopters require a unique skill set for delivery. We specialize in transporting these aircraft safely, respecting all the nuances of their operations.

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These aircraft excel in short to medium-distance flights and are often chosen by private pilots, flight schools, and for business applications that require point-to-point air travel without the need for larger airports, which typically serve larger aircraft.

About Our Deliveries

Our team of experienced aviators is committed to providing exceptional service with every delivery. Combining our passion for aviation with expertise in logistics, T.A.Z. ensures that your aircraft is delivered not only on time but in impeccable condition, ready to fly.

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